Sales Force

Maximise your sales and your performance

Are you looking to increase your turnover? We can offer you an external sales force made up of motivated and dedicated sales reps. Our teams represent your brand at various points of sale, whether for a one-time intervention or a long-term collaboration.


Our sales

A Field Resource salesperson promotes the products of the company's customers.

Commercial prospecting

Our sales reps visit various points of sale and promote your products. Our sales teams act as brand ambassadors and search for new clients for you.

A Field Resource salesperson negotiates the sales prices of the company's customers' products.

Selling and ordering goods

Our priority is selling your products. To do this, our sales reps negotiate with the people who manage the points of sale, in order to optimise brand awareness. They conclude orders for goods from the various points of sale that they visit.

Managing commercial operations

Launching a product? Promoting your goods? Our team promotes and highlights the right products at the right time in shops, using the appropriate marketing techniques to maximise shelf appeal.

products promoted by the Field Resource team
A member of the Field Resource team who is responsible for building lasting business relationships for the company's customers.

Forging and maintaining business relationships

Our external sales team is the ideal go-between for your brand and points of sale. By working on the ground every day, it forges long-term business relationships with department managers to ensure fruitful partnerships in the long run.

Bolstering your sales force

Do you already have an in-house sales team? Our reps can also support your sales force on occasion and assist with sales tasks.

een lid van het Field Resource-team om op ad-hocbasis het verkoopteam van een van de klanten van het bedrijf te versterken

Why trust us with your sales?

Saving time

We handle everything: recruiting and training your reps, managing your outsourced sales force and more. This gives you more time to focus on your core business.

Reducing operating costs

Creating an in-house sales force involves significant cost for your company: the cost of recruitment, training, equipment, etc. Outsourcing sales helps reduce these costs and optimise your budget. This is a cost-effective solution in the long term.

Guaranteed efficiency and results

You benefit from an outsourced sales team that has been specifically trained to help you achieve your goals. Your efficiency improves and you achieve the desired results sooner.

Interested in outsourcing sales?

Our external sales teams are ready to help you develop your brand and boost your sales! Contact us to take advantage of our expertise.

Sectors we work in

Our sales force works in a number of sectors:

  • Large, medium-sized and small food distribution (integrated shops and franchises)
  • Specialised shops
  • Electronics and DIY shops
  • Book shops
  • Service stations

Why entrust Field Resource with your sales?


Sales experts

Our sales team is made up of trained sales professionals. Our sales reps have all the qualities and skills you need to maximise turnover. They know the market like the back of their hand, as well as the best sales techniques. They are also skilled communicators and negotiators.


Committed reps in the field

Our passionate and enthusiastic experts dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to your brand. They promote your products day in, day out and forge long-term business relationships in the field with the people who manage points of sale. Their goal? Your success!


A flexible offer adapted to your needs

Long-term projects, one-time tasks, product launches, promotional campaigns and even seasonal goals – your sales needs vary based on a number of criteria, such as the time of year or the shops you are targeting. Our sales force is aware of these market fluctuations and adapts their work to the situation at hand for greater results.

More infrmation?

Would you like to learn more about outsourcing sales and how our external sales force works? Contact us. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.